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About Us - Garage Door Repair Bensenville

About Us - Garage Door Repair Bensenville

Local people can depend on our services of garage door repair. From garage door replacement and installation to maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency repairs, our team can be of assistance. Our company is located in Illinois, our technicians are well-trained and our services cover residential needs in a timely manner

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: W Roosevelt Ave
Bensenville, Illinois
Zip code: 60106
Phone: 630-518-9331

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our company specializes in residential garage doors and their repairs. We offer spring adjustment, sensor alignment, motor repair, cable replacement and emergency repairs. Our technicians provide maintenance and installation services

All issues with panels, metal parts and openers are swiftly eliminated by the expert technicians of our company, "Garage Door Repair Bensenville". We are industry leaders because we offer services of top quality in a fast and efficient manner. In addition to providing effective repair, we specialize in replacement, installation and maintenance. Our emergency service is designed to provide complete assistance in the shortest possible time. There are no boundaries to the expertise of our professionals. That is why our service covers overhead doors and electric operators of all brands, designs and years of production without exception.

We will provide the perfect solution on the spot

Through our repair service, we restore the safety, security and effective operation of door systems fully. Whether there is bent garage door track or a malfunctioning opener, we will provide the perfect solution on the spot. Whether you have the most advanced screw-drive unit or an aged chain drive device, the result from the repair will be brilliant. We specialize in fixing wooden, steel, glass and fiberglass panels as well. From rust removal to restoring decayed wood, we do it all.

Our services in Illinois would not be of such high qualify without the full warehouse of fine spare parts which our skilled and experienced technicians have access to. This enables our knowledgeable specialists to provide garage door cable replacement, spring change and even panel change quickly. Large projects which involve the replacement of the whole door plus the hardware and the opener are masterfully carried out by our dedicated team. Thanks to our modern facilities, advanced equipment and impeccable organization, we give you a flawlessly operating new system fast.

The owners of both new and old automatic doors need to realize the important role which maintenance plays. It helps to keep systems as safe, secure and effective as on day one. We will gladly take over this job for you and do it professionally. Our service is all-encompassing and includes everything from cleaning and lubrication maintenance to the replacement of components which are subject to severe wear and tear or damage.

The lack of proper care is just one of the reasons why issues occur. At the same time, it is extremely important for the cause of a problem to be identified so that it can be resolved effectively. We understand that most people are not specialists in overhead doors. That is why we recommend that you to ask us questions whenever you notice that there is something which is not quite right.

* Why does the opener motor keep working after the door is closed? This is usually due not to malfunctioning but to improper adjustment of the travel limits during garage door opener installation. Our technicians will reset the limits quickly. If this solution does not help, we will check the logic board for malfunctioning and provide repair, if needed.

* Is it normal for light to come through the sides of the door? This indicates that the weather seals have got worn-out and require replacement. This has to be done as quickly as possible so that the garage remains properly insulated. Our specialists will provide the most effective and durable new strips and complete the replacement job quickly.

These and all sorts of other issues are effectively resolved by the professionals of our garage door repair company in Bensenville. Many of them can be prevented with proper maintenance. When we provide this type of service, we run a number of tests to find out whether crucial system components work as they should. This is how we work.

* Spring tension check - For this, the opener is disconnected from the overhead door, which is then lifted half way up and released. If the unit moves up or down from this position, the balance of the torsion coil trampoline spring is adjusted so that proper operation is restored. You will not have to worry about the hitting the floor or being unable to get fully closed.

* Safety sensor test - This involves the full opening of the door and the placement of a free-standing solid object in front of one of the sensors. Anything from a piece of wood to a kitchen paper roll can be used. When the object is in place, door closing is engaged with the clicker. If the door moves downwards instead of remaining in place, the malfunctioning sensors are fixed or replaced.

* Automatic reversal test - An object which does not block the sensors is placed under the fully opened electric door. This is typically a two-sided ladder or a folding patio chair. If the door does not reverse when it touches the object on its way down, the opener is repaired so that the operation of this function is restored.

When issues are resolved timely and fully, everything will be just fine. Use our professional garage door services with confidence that you will have a top contractor working for you and giving you the convenience, safety, security and peace of mind that you require.

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